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Unboxing Videos

Cozy Garment Fabric Has Arrived!

Just in: French terry, and brushed twill! 😍😍

Shop Brushed Twill!
Shop French Terry!
Shop Large Loop Terry!

Speckled Restock is Finally Here!

We’ve been waiting forrrreeevveerr. So excited to have speckled quilting cotton from Ruby Star Society back in stock!

Shop Speckled!

Epic Unboxing!

All the holiday things!

Shop Malicious Women Candles!
Shop Stranded Stitch Cross-Stitch Kits!
Shop Art by Ciara Pins, Earrings and Stickers!
Shop Party Mountain Paper Co Cards and Totes!
Shop M Creative J Embroidery Kits!

Paint by Numbers Unboxing!

Fresh batch of paint by numbers from Elle Cre'e!

Shop Paint By Numbers Kits!

Heirloom Unboxing

The much anticipated collection from Alexia Marcelle Abegg for Ruby Star Society!

Shop Heirloom!

New Fabric Unboxing!

New toweling from Moda Fabrics and pre cuts from Stay Gold by
Miss Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society!

Shop Toweling!
Shop Precuts!

Merchant and Mills unboxing!

New tencel twill and tencel linens from @merchantandmills these won’t last long!

Shop Merchant and Mills!


We unbox new items from Malicious Women CoThe Stranded Stitch and Mr. Sogs

Shop Candles!
Shop Cross Stitch Kits!
Shop Plushie Kits!

Mega unboxing!

We unbox all the things!

Shop Books!
Shop Plushie Kits!
Shop Cross Stitch Kits!
Shop Bandanas!
Shop Pins!
Shop Stickers!
Shop Earrings!
Shop Cards!
Shop Coloring Books!

Stitching and painting kits unboxing!

We open new arrivals from some of our favorite makers @mcreativej and @elle.cree.pdx

Deco Unboxing

Deco by @giucy_giuce is here! These deco prints are printed in white pigment on @andoverfabrics Century Solids. They are sooo pretty! Can’t wait to make some kits with these!

Spooky n sweeter unboxing!

The cutest Halloween collection from @artgalleryfabrics is here! Check them out on the site! #spookynsweeterfabric #artgalleryfabrics

Warp and weft is hereeeeee!!

Heirloom has finally arrived and it was worth the wait! #warpandweftfabric #warpandweftheirloom #rubystarsociety @alexiamarcelleabegg @rubystarsociety

Low volume wovens unboxing!

New wovens from @modafabrics are here! And they are sooooooo soft! #fabrichaul #wovenfabric #modernfabric

Purl unboxing!

The newest collection from @wattsalot for @rubystarsociety has arrived! This one is for all my knitters and tea lovers! Everything is listed on the site go check it out! #rubystarsociety #sarahwatts #purlfabricrubystarsociety #newfabric #modernfabric #onlinefabricstore