PDF Pattern Printing
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PDF Pattern Printing

Now offering garment pattern printing!

No more wasting time taping sheets of standard printer paper together! Let us do the printing for you so you can get to the sewing faster! Pattern will be printed on 36" X 48" 24lb bright white paper. Patterns will be folded and mailed you to in 12.5" X 19" kraft paper envelopes. In store pick up order will be rolled. Patterns will be shipped via USPS ground. If you combine your pattern with other items shipping will based on the additional items in your order. 

How to place and order for printing:

  1. Find the "copy shop" or "A0" file in your pattern. Determine how many pages you will need printed. *if your pattern is on an extra long sheet ie 98" long that counts as 2 pages
  2. Select the number of pages to be printed for your pattern under "Quantity." Printing is $5 per page. ie. if your pattern has 3 pages you will order a quantity of 3. If you do not purchase enough pages for your pattern we will not be able to fulfill your order.
  3. After completing your purchase you will receive an order confirmation. Forward the confirmation to hello@wyldwoodcreative.com and attach your file. In the email let us know which size layers you would like to be printed. (many patterns have a different layer for each size of the pattern so we can print just the size(s) you need. *not all patterns offer this feature.)
  4. Once we've printed your pattern and prepared it for shipping you will receive an email with a tracking number for shipping, or an email letting you know it's ready for pick up

Converting a PDF Sewing Pattern
If your PDF pattern does not include an A0 or copy shop file you can easily convert your print-at-home pattern file to an A0 file by following this tutorial from Sewing & Things. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure this has been done correctly.

If you have any questions about our pattern printing service please email us at hello@wyldwoodcreative.com