Silk-Finish Cotton Thread - 28wt 87yds - Navy (0825) - 7630035810157
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Silk-Finish Cotton Thread - 28wt 87yds - Navy (0825)

Mettler Silk-Finish 28wt Cotton Thread

Thicker cotton thread perfect for bold decorative stitching. Made with 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, this mercerized thread has a high tensile strength, heat resistance and reduced shrinkage making it great for applications where a strong thread is needed like buttonholes, hemlines or jeans.

Good for: lockstitching, hand quilting or hand embroidery, buttonholes or for sewing the hemline of jeans.

Thread Details:

Brand: Mettler
Type: Silk-Finish Cotton
Color Name: Navy
Color Code: 0825
Old Color Code: 0916
Thread Content: 100% Cotton
Thread Weight: 28
Length: 80m / 87yds
Color: Blue
Suggested Needle Size: