Mettler Cordonnet Polyester Thread - 30wt 55yds - Kelley (0224) - 762303592476
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Mettler Cordonnet Polyester Thread - 30wt 55yds - Kelley (0224)

Mettler Metrosene Cordonnet 30wt Polyester Thread:

An excellent sewing thread for decorative sewing projects. It's smooth, strong, high-quality and is particularly suitable for buttonholes and appealing topstitch and decorative seams. This thread is extremely tearproof, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, colorfast and available in many colors, which makes it very versatile.

Good for: Decorative topstitching, buttonholes, hand embroidery.

CORDONNET is manufactured in compliance to internationally recognized ecological requirements and is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. For further information please click here.

Thread Details:

Brand: Mettler
Type: Metrosene Cordonnet
Color Name: Kelley
Color Code: 0224
Thread Content: 100% Polyester
Thread Weight: 30
Length: 50m / 55yds
Color: Green
Suggested Needle Size: 110