Gutermann Heavy Duty Top Stitching Thread - 12wt 33yds - Gold (865) - 077780007260
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Gutermann Heavy Duty Top Stitching Thread - 12wt 33yds - Gold (865)

Gutermann 12wt Heavy Duty Top Stitching Thread:

This thread is ideal for bold decorative sewing, button holing, and button sewing. It has a silk-like gloss, is soft and supple, tear and abrasion resistant, light-resistant and color-fast, as well as elastic and extendible. This strong triple-ply sewing thread has an evenly rounded cross-section which enables decorative stitches and fashionable accents.

For best results, use this thread in the needle and a sew-all thread in the bobbin.

Good for: Bold topstitching, ornamental stitches and backstitch seams, decorative seams, and buttonholes.

Thread Details:

Brand: Gutermann
Type: Heavy Duty Top Stitching
Color Name: Gold
Color Code: 865
Thread Content: 100% Polyester
Thread Weight: 12
Length: 30m / 33yds
Color: Yellow
Suggested Needle Size: 16 or 19

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