You Crafty Bitch Candle (Scent: A Hot Mess)
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You Crafty Bitch Candle (Scent: A Hot Mess)

You Crafty Bitch - Infused with "Glitter, Hot Glue & A Big F'n Mess" Scent: A Hot Mess (Red Hot Cinnamon) 

After this one burns out, you'll still have glitter And a hot glue gun burn - but you can decoupage the jar and make a succulent planter. Use twine. Twine is awesome. Twine makes everything better. And glitter. So glitter, twine & hot glue. You got this...You're a crafty bitch! Each Order comes with a handwritten note of empowerment from one of our Snarky Malicious Women! What will yours say? Post yours with #staymalicious on Instagram for a shout out! 


A Hot Mess: Our signature scent is a hot mess of baking spices, red-hot cinnamon, and a hint of black tea to calm this scent a bit. Everyone is A Hot Mess, embrace it with us!  

New 9 oz: Burn Time Approximately 40-50 Hours *Burn times vary depending on the environment your candle is placed in. Drafts, temperature and trimming of your wick can affect the life of your candle.