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Meet our team!

Tawnee Kinnebrew

Tawnee Kinnebrew (she/her)


Tawnee Kinnebrew is the owner and founder of Wyldwood Creative. She has been making for as long as she can remember and created Wyldwood to share her joy of creating with her community.
Maggie Franquemont

Maggie Franquemont (she/her)

Online Fulfillment Specialist

Maggie is a Renton local, who simply hung around the shop until Tawnee offered her a job. She finds cutting fabric and helping folks with their projects soothing and fun. Maggie is what Mr. Bingly would call "accomplished" - she knits, crochets, sews, quilts, embroiders, paints, etc. etc. She unfortunately does not have a thorough understanding of the modern languages and therefore Mr. Darcy would find the term too liberally applied. When she isn't in the crafting room she likes to watch PBS, bake, and play video games. She also enjoys wandering around the Pacific Northwest doing a whole variety of outdoor activities and photographing the flora and fauna. Her favorite dinosaur is the stegosaurus.
Tawny Regan

Tawny Regan (she/her)

Shop Assistant

Tawny is a Southern California girl who has spent the last ten years building her life and home in the beautiful PNW. No, she doesn't miss the sunshine and yes, she much prefers the weather up here. She currently resides in Redmond in a creaky old farmhouse with her husband and two doggos. Tawny has always loved arts, crafting, and making since her early childhood, but would say her adult making career started back in 2006 when she asked her grandma to teach her how to quilt. Her proudest sewing accomplishment is when she put together a king size quilt on her regular sized home machine in 2015. It only earned a red ribbon at the Island County fair because of poor, machine sewn binding- but it will always be blue ribbon worthy in Tawny's heart.
Kael Zayas

Kael Zayas (she/her)


Kael has been interested in sewing since she could hold a needle and thread! She's moved on from using a hotel sewing kit to turn t-shirt scraps into doll dresses, but only in scale: one of her current favorite projects is upcycling old clothing into new creations for her two young children. When not at Wyldwood, you can find Kael serving local families as a doula or talking to her beloved flock of backyard chickens (probably that second one). If she never had to sew another face mask again, she'd be fine.

Areas of interest: garment sewing, Língit moccasins, hand quilting, knitting, saying "I could make that!"*
*50/50 success rate

Would love to learn: Língit button blankets & regalia, the finer points of tailoring
Joanne Yusuf

Joanne Yusuf (she/her)


Joanne Yusuf is a self taught sewist and maker. She started sewing in early 2000 making home decor pillows and zipper pouches on her grandmother's vintage Singer machine. After sewing an endless amount of dresses for her daughter and commissioned pieces, she decided to give sewing her own garments a try and never looked back! After years of dedication to the craft, Joanne is now sewing button plackets, denim jeans, dresses and occasional pieces for her home and family. Joanne feels confident teaching others how to sew and get started on their own garment sewing journey. Joanne works as a part time sewing instructor at Wyldwood Creative teaching the Pattern Basics Workshop. You can find all her creative endeavors on Instagram @Joanne_essentials. She lives in beautiful West Seattle with her family of 5 and 3 furry babies.
Remy Nixon

Remy Nixon (he/they)

Website and Communications

Remy is Wyldwood's resident computer-tinker-er and communications person! They love being able to put their background in technology and their love of quilting to use for a business whos "passion for being good stewards of the planet and the community matches my own". They live in Seattle with his husband and two small children. When they're not figuring out how to hack our own website to make sliding-scale classes work, you can find him slowly making a single quilt, throwing pillows at his kids, drinking coffee at their neighborhood cafe, doing puzzles (jigsaw, logic, any kind of puzzle!), or violently killing invasive blackberry plants with Seattle Green Partnership. He's looking forward to helping our store and our sewing community grow and evolve as a space that feels safe and is equitable for everyone!