Orcas Island Candle Co Values
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Orcas Island Candle Co's Corporate Values

Last updated: September 2021

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San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Racial and Social Equity:

Orcas Island Candle Co. believes in working towards racial equity and believes that Black Lives Matter. They haven't yet taken specific steps as a business, but it is one of their short-term goals. They are looking for ways to make more of a difference.

Environmental Sustainability: sustainability 3/4

Orcas Island Candle Co's owner has a degree in Environmental Science and environmental sustainability is very important to them. They're always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact - mainly through trying to find local solutions to both tasks (delivery) and products.

They also work hard to reduce the amount of single-use-plastic produced by their business. To that end, they are interested in researching a plastic offset, because they haven't yet found solutions to much of the single-use-plastic the business creates (shipping tape, packaging). They do reuse shipping supplies whenever they are able to, and they've also formed a partnership with another local company to reuse some packaging materials that they am unable to reuse.

They proudly use USA grown soy wax, which supports US business, but also reduces the impact of shipping from China or elsewhere. They try to source other products locally when they can, or regionally if local is not an option.

Other ways they give back:

Orcas Island Candle Co. did not share any other ways they give back with us.

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