Just F*king Finish It Challenge
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Just Fucking Finish It Challenge!

Join us from January 17th - February 28th, 2024 as we get organized and check some of those WIP's off our list for good!

This challenge is for all crafters and makers! Last year we finished:
  • 196 quilts
  • 78 garments
  • 30 embroidery and cross stitch projects
  • 88 knitting and crochet projects
  • 99 people organized their space, materials, and projects.

We can’t wait to see what we all finish this year!

See the point-spread from last year here.

How to Participate:

The goal of this challenge is to get your crafting area and stash organized, organize your works in progress (WIP's) and to Just Fucking Finish some things.

Take a look at the point breakdown below, and from January 17th to February 28th tag photos of completed goals with #JFFIchallenge2024, and then Fill out the form below to let us know when you've finished a goal.

Challenge yourself however is fun for you! We don't have a prize for the most points this year (there will be a random drawing for 3 gift cards from everyone who's submitted points - so put those points in!) but you can challenge yourself by trying to beat your score from last year, maybe get some friends together and compete amongst yourself - have fun!

To help you get started we're including our Airtable tracker to help you get your stash and WIPs organized. Feel free to make a copy of it to use or make your own!

This year we also have a super fun BINGO card! Save this image and use it however you like! Print it and put it on the wall, post updates on your Instagram stories - whatever you'd like!


*Points are self-reported and on an honor system. YOU decide if something qualifies as a WIP*

Complete a supplies or WIP tracker:

2 points!
You can use a copy of our tracker in Airtable if you want:
- Find the Tracker here, then click "Copy base".
Or use your own! Pen and paper, excel, whatever works for you.

Organize your fabric or craft supplies:

2 points!

Finish a Work In Progress:

2 points!
+ 1 additional point for every 6 months of the project's age
(A finished project that you started a year ago would be 4 points)

Clean your sewing / creative space:

2 points!

End of the Challenge Points:

Didn't start any new projects during the challenge:

(Unless all your WIP's are done)
16 points! (enter 84 months on the form)

Brought that WIP count Down:

(Requires having made a WIP tracker)
4 - 6 WIP's left on your list: 6 points! (enter 24 months on the form)
1 - 3 WIP's left on your list: 10 points! (enter 50 months on the form)
0 WIP's left on your list: 16 points! (enter 84 months on the form)


We're not giving out prizes based on points this year (but if you DO get the most points you win the very exciting prize of Ultimate Bragging Rights). After everyone gets their points submitted, we will randomly draw 3 people to win gift cards - so make sure you submit your points no matter how small they feel to you! Every one who submitted any points whatsoever gets one entry - no extra entries for extra points. 

Stay tuned to hear more about when we'll be drawing those!

Add Your Points:

All points must be submitted by midnight on February 28th. The form will close after that.

See the points we've all accumulated so far:

See an issue with some of your points? Send us a message on Instagram!