Grainline Studio's Values
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Grainline Studio's Company Values

Last updated: September 2021

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Ownership: woman owned

Woman owned and founded


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Racial and Social Equity: racial and social equity

Grainline Studios has a wonderful blog post outlining their support and commitment to Black Lives Matter. You can read the full post here. Here's the mission they've outlined for themselves in their post:

  • Continue to educate ourselves so that we can become better allies.
  • Work to ensure that representation on our website and social media matches the diversity of the sewing community.
  • A continued commitment to working with a diverse group of makers in our testing processes.
  • Continuing to offer and increase compensation to everyone involved in the processes of developing and releasing our sewing patterns.
  • Using our voice and platform to speak out against racism and inequality in the community.
  • Creating a diverse team of content contributors for our blog and website.
  • Volunteering and sharing our career experiences with Chicago students.
  • Form meaningful partnerships with companies that also support this mission.

Environmental Sustainability: sustainability 1/4

Grainline Studios uses eco-packaging and they try to use as little packaging as possible.

Other ways they give back: charitable giving

Grainline Studios donates 10% of their profits to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, they also donate to My Block, My Hood, My City, and Chicago Community Bond Fund

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