Friday Pattern Co Values
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Friday Patterns Company's Corporate Values

Last updated: September 2021

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Ownership: woman owned

Woman owned.


Sacramento, California, USA

Racial and Social Equity: racial and social equity

Friday Pattern Company is committed to showcasing diversity and inclusivity through the models they hire. They carry this commitment to inclusivity and diversity into their paid blog partnerships as well as who they share on their social media feeds.

Environmental Sustainability:

Friday Pattern Company did not share how they're addressing environmental sustainability with us.

Other ways they give back: charitable giving

Friday Pattern Company donates 5% of all proceeds to a rotating collection of the top-ranked charities in the world. Each pattern benefits a different charity. The charities associated with the patterns are associated with social justice and racial equity. Including: RAICES, The Loveland Foundation, ACLU, The Innocence Project, Give Directly, and The Trevor Project. For more info on where we are donating for each pattern, click here.

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