Emmaline Bags Values
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Emmaline Bags's Company Values

Last updated: September 2021

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Ownership: woman owned

Woman owned.


Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

Racial and Social Equity:

Emmaline Bags makes sure their Facebook and Instagram communities are safe and inclusive space for all bag makers regardless of color, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. They encourage these spaces to be positive interaction spaces only.

Environmental Sustainability: sustainability 1/4

Emmaline Bags does not repackage items that are going to the bulk of their customers in online orders. They only add packaging and labelling with their required branding onto business-to-business packaging for in-store shopping as required by the Canadian Government. They use recycled papers and cardboard when available, and reuse and recycle paper and plastics where applicable.

Other ways they give back: charitable giving

Emmaline Bags contributes monthly to the Parkland Food Bank in Parkland County, Alberta, and they support the UJAMAA GRANDMAS' efforts working to address the consequences of the HIV/AIDS pandemic upon families and communities in sub-Saharan Africa by supporting the activities of the UJAMAA BAGETTES. They also work with Work+Shelter in India - a nonprofit which prioritizes the health, education, and goals of the women in Delhi while working to create a more ethical + sustainable clothing ecosystem, by (among other things) paying women a fair wage, and using ethically sourced materials for production.

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