Closet Core Values
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Closet Core's Company Values

Last updated: August 2021

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Ownership: woman owned

Woman owned and founded.


Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec Canada

Racial and Social Equity: racial and social equity

Closet Core prints bi-lingual patterns in English and French. They're also focused on diversity and inclusivity in all levels of their business, from staffing (whether salaried or contract employees) to diverse representation in product imagery and through our social media feeds. Locally, they also work with an organization that employs disabled folks to assemble their kits.

Environmental Sustainability:

Closet Core did not share how they're addressing environmental sustainability with us.

Other ways they give back: charitable giving

Closet Core has donated to a number of organizations dedicated to racial equity, from Black Lives Matter in the US and Canada, the NAACP and ACLU, and smaller local organizations like Hoodstock and the Native Women's Shelter where they're based in Montreal.

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