Bloc Loc Values
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Bloc Loc's Company Values

Last updated: August 2021

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Ownership: woman owned

Woman owned.


Headquarters: Loveland, Colorado, USA
Manufacturing: USA

Racial and Social Equity:

Block Loc makes an effort to hire employees across a wide range of demographics: older, younger, abled, disabled, and many different backgrounds

Environmental Sustainability: sustainability 1/4

The acrylic used in Bloc Loc's rulers is the same type used in aircraft windows among other things, and has a better eco footprint over the plastic used in packaging, (most notably shrinkwrap, plastic bags and the like). While rulers are not generally recycled in the usual sense, those that are unused will eventually go to someone else who can use it. They strongly believe in keeping everything in their "neighborhood" to support the American Worker.

Other ways they give back: charitable giving

Quilt Guild support:

Bloc Loc supports quilting guilds (who are the main boots-on the ground philanthropists in the quilting world helping many sectors such as veterans, children in crisis or entire families in need) by offering a 20% discount to any quilt guild which asks and orders as a group.

Direct donations:

When asked, Bloc Loc has made and will make outright donations to charities

Supporting American Small Businesses:

Bloc Loc is proud to only sell their rulers to brick and mortar stores because they believe that the sheer stockpile of energy, time and love a store owner puts into the hobby cannot be compared with an ecommerce store that doesn't offer classes or support and merely puts an item in a bag and ships it to the customer.

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