Aurifil Company Values
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Aurifil's Company Values

Last updated: August 2021

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Headquarters: Milano, Italy
Manufacturing: Egypt

Racial and Social Equity:

Aurifil employs a team with a diverse mix of genders, religions, races, ages, physical abilities, linguistic differences, socio-economic statuses, and cultural backgrounds.

Environmental Sustainability: sustainability 2/4

Aurifil partners with the Plastic Bank, a social enterprise headquartered in Canada which aims to clean up plastic waste from our oceans while providing valuable opportunities for people living in poverty.

Their partnership with and support of the Plastic Bank allows them to offset their average yearly plastic production rate of 8000kg. This means that their involvement will support the collection and clearing of 8000kg of plastic from our oceans in areas of Haiti, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Brazil. These efforts render Aurifil Plastic Neutral and they are excited to both give back to our earth while helping to create and promote positive work opportunities for people living in those key areas.

Other ways they give back:

Aurifil didn't share any other giving that they do.

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