Wyldwood Creative Fabric, Crafts and Maker Space
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Fri, Sat: 10am - 6pm
Sun: 10am - 5pm
Mon, Weds, Thurs: 11am - 5pm
Tuesdays: Closed

822 S 3rd st Renton, WA

Floradora is Here!


Wyldwood Creative was born from a desire to help others find and express their inner artist. We are an inclusive space where everyone is welcome to explore their creative side in a judgment free zone. 
Our owner, Tawnee, is a naturally crafty person and loves to make all sorts of things. For years she heard people say "You made that?! I could never make something like that, I'm just not crafty." Here at Wyldwood we just don't believe this is true. We believe everyone has a creative side and it's just a matter of finding the right medium or project to discover it. 

To help you discover that thing that sparks joy we coordinate with local artists to provide a broad selection of classes and workshops. You will see everything from weaving, to lettering, to visible mending on the schedule. We provide a community creative space for you to pursue your passion and learn something new with like-minded individuals.

Along with our classes Wyldwood Creative carries a curated selection of modern fabrics. We also carry a
 wide variety of local made goods. Cards, notebooks, candles, etc. all sourced from artists in the Pacific Northwest. Each month we feature a local female maker in our "Maker of the Month" corner. Please see our contact page if you are interested in being featured.

We can't wait for you to visit our light filled space just south of Seattle in the heart of Downtown Renton. Plan to stay for awhile and check out all of the other amazing small businesses right here in Renton.